Hiding Main title and other styling change

Hi, this is my first time using custom wordpress theme and not sure how to do any change. If I want to make a custom looking page, where can I make css change? Can I just add a new rule in Theme Options -> Others, or straight in editor. Also, where can I see the html file so I know what & which classes there?

For example, if I want to hide the title in the homepage with Untie theme, how can I do it? I read some of the other question in this forum and tried to add this in Theme Options -> Others:

.home .entry-title {
    display: none;

But doesn’t seems to be working. So how should I do it?

Also, how can I hide the comment in the homepage and change it with the other widget stuff like what you have in the demo. I did put extra widget in the Homepage Widget 1, but it doesn’t seems to show in the the homepage. Do I have to select something to activate it? I also tried to hide the comment with

.home .entry-content {
    display: none;

also doesn’t do a thing. I did click restore default in the Theme Options -> Other after that so there should erase all the change right?

Sorry if my question seems silly but I really never do custom wordpress theme. And this is actually for my school assignment. :slight_smile:

I just move from WPecommerce to Woocommerce and the Title problem solve. However, I still can’t disable the comment on certain page. I tried to look for the Discussion box below the post editor box, but I can’t find it. And I don’t want to disable the whole comment in the website

Here are two videos I have created over the time that shows how to disable comments in WordPress for both pages and posts. This is for different theme but Unite theme uses the same default WordPress comments, so it works the same way.

Thank you so much! It works like a charm. No wonder the comment still there even after I disable it in the Setting, coz it’s still getting overridden by the setting on each page.