Hiding the slider catagory from posts

Hello again :slight_smile:

How can i hide the caragory tgat i have created for the sliders posts. I dont want it to show in my catagory list or even recent projects.

I want just to hide this catagory from everything else except the slider!

You can hide it based on its ID. Without seeing your website I can just give you general idea.

This example would remove all post from blog page that is categorized as “Uncategorized” but you can tweak it for any category you have on website. The second part of code will remove category based on its ID from category widget. Again, you should find your own ID fo category you want to hide. You can simply look into your website source to find it.

.category-uncategorized {
  display: none;

li.cat-item.cat-item-1 {
  display: none;

Thank you very much. It worked!

sorry but it didnt work for me. nothing happened

i’m trying to hide it from the categories widget but no luck.

i even tried this function in the function.php in the child theme:

function dtwd_exclude_widget_category($args){
$exclude = “1”; // IDs of excluding categories
$args[“exclude”] = $exclude;
return $args;

but still its there.

the cat id of the category i want to hide is 1.

please find an image attached. the un-categorized category is still there.

hi Aigars. have you figured it out!