Hiding the Title When Hovering Over Gallery Images

Is it possible to remove the title (as seen on the attach image) of the image when I pass over with the mouse?
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This doesn’t happen in the demo https://colorlib.com/shapely/markup-image-alignment/
Could you send the URL to your website?
Also, are you using some sort of plugin to generate display the image?.

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Thank you for answering.

I am using the gallery with jetpack on these folowing pages, where happens the issue.

For the home page I am using the plugin “smart slider” for a slider, but there doesn’t show up because of the slider I assume.

The other plugin for images that I have installed is “Regenerate Thumbnails” and that`s all.

I hope you can help me.
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That is a default browser feature which we don’t have control over. You can try to remove the title attribute on the image itself. Go to Media > Library panel and remove the title and alt text.

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That worked perfectly.
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