High quality video wanted in video widget


I’m currently using Shapely [which is awesome] with a number of widgets on my frontpage. One of them is the video widget which I use to embed a youtube video. However, the first number of seconds the video is in very poor quality. Even on a very fast connection. This pattern stays the same for all subsequent loops. What can I do to make it full quality from the first seconds on, even when this means it requires a bit more initiation time?

You can check what I mean on https://www.silverbackprotein.nl/

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I am not sure if the video quality is like this by default so I would recommend that you remove the video then clear the WordPress cache with this plugin and upload the video once more:

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But it’s a youtube video, not a video hosted by wordpress. I find it hard to imagine it gets cached by wordpress? Are you really sure clearing the cache is useful in case of an embedded youtube video?

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Hello Jurgen

Well, sorry but there is no setting to change this behavior, the video will start with poor quality and once the fast internet is detected it will adjust quality, unfortunately we don’t have such setting to change this and without customization this is not possible