Home page animation, sticky footer, woocommerce

Hi there

my webpage is:

I would really love to add this slow animation effect on my home page background image. Is it possible? I’ve seen a few sites and themes with it and it looks great

Refer to this thread here, I have tried this code but i hasnt worked (i dont know where to put it):

  1. I have a sticky footer that won’t stick to the bottom of the page. it works on some pages but on others it doesn’t.
    refer to screenshot

  2. I have added woocommerce and it’s great but i have a couple questions
    If i select the hide reviews option, the “related products” part gets jumbled up next to the current product image (screenshot added).
    please look here: https://emmarahmani.com/wordpress/product/test/
    but then if i show the reviews, the related products work at the bottom of the page. but i dont want the reviews shown, so this is a bit of an issue



Answered here: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/home-page-animation-sticky-footer-woocommerce-problem/#post-154294

Let us know if you have any other questions,