Home Page Banner isn't visible on Smartphones

I noticed that the Home Page Banner (which appears also in categories pages) doesn’t show itself on smartphones.
Is there a way to resolve this issue?


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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Yes of course!

Thanks for quick reply!

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Can you tell me which banner @ibma?
checking your website and i can clearly see banners on the mobile screen and there is no any reason to not show them on mobiles

The large Banner in Homepage… High right (on desktop) beside the Site’s logo… This one should shows tself on categories pages too… but I see it ony on desktop and tablet… not on Smartphones


Please check this screenshot, are we talking about the same thing?

Yes, that’s my website. As you know, the Theme Newspaper X has a Banner on top of the Home page. I see that banner on desktop and tablet but NOT on mobiles (checked with Huawei and Lg phones)…

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Beside browser simulator, i tried my smartphone and i can see banners without any problem,

Could you please post a screenshot of the banner you see in Homepage? Thanks!

Hello Ibma

It’s the same as I posted it from the simulator, i have an android device and it shows normally from me,
there is no any reason to not show

I don’t see the banner there in fact…

Check this attacched file… That’s the Banner I’m talking about. Do you see it on mobile?

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No, that banner is hidden by default on mobile phones, its not optimized for mobile devices
i thought about blog post banners, sorry

Ok thanks!
Do you plan to optimize it in near future?

Hello Ibma

Maybe no, because banner has its own size and size should be same everywhere, if we resize it for mobile devices you will brake Adsense display rules :slight_smile: