Home page custom templates don't work

Hey guys, I’m using your wonderful theme for one of my projects and today I was about to apply a custom template to the home page and I’ve realized that it does not work.
Later I checked if the existing templates work on Home page and they don’t do.
So my steps where:

  1. Create a page in Pages
  2. Selected a template file in Page Attributes (tried with Full Width and Default Template)
  3. Go to Settings -> Reading and select the created page to be used as Front Page

I’m getting an unchanged layout every time I set this up, so the templates don’t apply.

Is this a known issue?

I tried deactivating my plugins, changing themes… did not help.

Any suggestions would be super-great!

Ok, I think I found the issue.
There is a front-page.php file in the theme that overrides the home page templates. I removed it and it works now.