Home Page Image Not Loading

I’ve tried to contact you on both twitter and Facebook but struggled for a response - hopefully you’ll be able to help here?

I’ve uploaded an image firstly 1024 x 760 and then 1000 x 600 in both JPEG and the PNG format have also compressed image to the main front page image. It shows in the back end but not on live in both mobile and desktop , can you please help rectify?

Also testimonials widget was not able to download.


Sorry for the late reply, you can contact us directly here, it is the fastest way to get answers. :slight_smile:

btw, the header image and other images show just fine: http://take.ms/pqvLk Is this under any special circumstances, some mobile or browsers alone? Try to clear all the caches and see that fixes the issue, if you’re using Photon module in the Jetpack, try to disable it and see it solves.

Let us know,