Home page image

Hello. This is a lovely theme and as a novice I’ve found it quite easy to use. However, I would really appreciate a little help with the image on my static home page. It has too much space between the top of it and the border around it. I cannot figure out what I’ve done wrong to create this extra space. Could you help please?

Also, is it possible to make that home page image the full width of the page? I understand that it’s possible to use the slider but that would pull images from posts, wouldn’t? And I don’t want that!


It is possible to change image size only together with container wrapped around it. it is just how CSS works.

To make your post full width you can add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.home .entry-content {
    margin: 0;
.home .site-content .container {
    width: 100%;

Then you will have to edit your homepage content in “Text” view not “Visual” view because you have wrapped h2 and strong tags around your images, so it makes extra space on top.

Thank you so much! I’ve removed the text as I no longer need it. Have I done it correctly now?

You did not need to remove text below image since it didn’t cause any problems. You can leave a text below image if you like, just make sure you don’t highlight image when applying styles. This is where it went wrong earlier.

But otherwise everything looks fine.

Thanks very much for your help, Aigars. I’m sure this theme will prove extremely popular. It looks great, it works well, it’s easy to use (even for a relative beginner), and your support is tremendous! Will you be producing a premium version?