Home page isses: it shows code within <style> tags, also shows commented code and won't load iframes


I updated the Sparkling style a few days ago. Since then I’ve noticed the following issues that ONLY happen on the home page. I want to stress this out because, when copying and pasting the exact same HTML code on any other page, everything works as it should.

  1. Any code within a tags is shown as you can see in the attached picture below

  2. Any multiline comments (single-line comments work fine) won’t work, so the HTML code which should be commented out is shown, as you can in the picture below

  3. A video within an iframe won’t show. Instead, only a blank square is shown.

The page where this happens is https://sistemakalinka.com/
I have removed everything that doesn’t work, but if you want me to put it back so you can have a look into it, please let me know.