Home page menu not working on mobile

Hi everybody,

I read many threads on this topic but I can’t really figure out why the menu bar is not working on the mobile version of my website. www.nicolamarcon.it
I experience this problem only on my home page where the three bars icon is not clickable.
I also tried to get rid of all the code that I typed in the additional CSS module but doesn’t seem to work.

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Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Strange indeed,
I inspected the mobile view, it doesn’t seem to be blocked by anything either.
I am seeing a JS error in the console.
May I ask you to disable all plugins except the related plugins for the theme.

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Thank you for the quick response,

I tried what you said and it looks like the plugin “Elementor” is causing this issue. Do I need to set it in a specific way? I honestly rather stay with this bug instead of deactivating it since many elements are based on this plugin. Of course, it would be great see where the conflict is.