home page slider - move and shorten slider caption for Dazzling theme


I am completely new to wordpress. I’m trying to start my own website as opportunity to learn.

I’m using the slider function built into the theme but noticed that the title and content from post isn’t aligned neatly with image behind it.

  1. Is it possible to align the title to a specific area relative to the photo?
  2. Is it possible to shrink down the text shown in the preview?

See image for what i mean. thanks!

  1. You can move slide caption text around by using this simple CSS via Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS. You can tweak this value to get the results you were looking for.
.flex-caption {
  left: 30%;
  1. Text displayed is taken from your post content and those are first 255 words by default or anything you add inside Excerpt field that you can see below Post editor. Here is a screenshot of Excerpt widget that you should look for:

Any content added there will be used for your slider and it can be one word or a huge block of text.