Home page slider not showing all slides

Hello again.

I’m still working on this site: www.hillsboroughgardenclub.com

The slider had been working perfectly with four slides from pages.

I added an additional slide from the blog.

Now the slider is only showing two slides: The first page slide and the blog slide.

Would you kindly take a look at this and tell me why it may be happening and how to fix it?

Many thanks.

Please post a screenshot of your slider settings where you have put your Post/Page IDs and how many sliders you have set to display.
There is no frontend error from what I can see and there are only two sliders in there and JavaScript is not hiding them in any way but PHP is not printing those slides in the first place.

Here is the clip of the slider configuration.

As I said, the slider was working perfectly with the first four PAGE slides. It was only after I added the 5th slide–a POST–that it stopped working correctly.

Note: Each page has a featured image correctly sized.

Thank you!

Okay, I dug into this a bit more on my own and discovered that when I added the POST slide, the ID numbers of the PAGE slides were randomly changed. <<<I didn’t change them.>>> Something overwrote the numbers I had originally entered in the ID tag windows. Once I retyped the correct ID tags into the slider configuration page, the slider worked correctly with all five slides.

I wonder why the slider configuration overwrote my original ID tags?