Home Page Slider Not Showing

We recently installed this theme on http://dorothywittmeyer.com.

I have 3 posts with featured images set in category ‘Home Slider’.
I have “Check to enable slider” in the theme options on.
My ‘Home Slider’ category is set
I have 3 slider items set

However, they do not show up.

Inspecting the element and/or viewing the source shows the code for all 3 sliders but they aren’t visible to the user.

Any ideas?

Your website appears to be down, please notify me when it is back up and I will look into it.

Strange. The hosting must have been down when you tried to look. It appears to be up now.

Website is not accessible in Latvia. I tried it from several internet providers in Latvia but still nothing.

However, I did manage to load your website via proxy. The thing is that footer for your website appears to be broken. It does have widgets but there are absolutely no JavaScript loaded in footer so not just slider is not working but nothing JavaScript related is working that is loaded in footer. You have to debug your customizations to see what went wrong. If not try to reinstall footer.php.

Maybe try to disable plugins. It is very unlikely that it will help but it is worth a shot.

If these steps doesn’t help then you will have to reinstall the theme because it is broken.

Thanks, Aigars. Replacing the footer.php didn’t work, but reinstalling the entire theme did. All is well. Thanks again.