Home Page

Hi all,

I dont find how i have to create the homepage as : https://colorlib.com/unite/

  1. I have to create a page : Home with shortcode
  2. I have to put this page as a home page in the settings Themes


I would like display the slider and others tabs also …



SOrry for my english :smiley:

For homepage like in theme demo:

  1. Create a regular Page
  2. Set it as front page via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Reading
  3. Now you can use widget for front page in WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Widgets

This theme uses CPT Bootstrap slider and you can read more about it and its setup here.

Oh Perfect ! It’s working !!
Indeed, i’ve forgot to disable the comments and add/remove the widget …

Thanks :wink:

Last question : What plugin is it for the table bellow the slider ?

All content there is created by using theme default options. Widget on the left side is called “Unite: Popular Posts Widget” and can be added via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Widgets.

Or did you mean a different widget?