Homepage does not execute shortcodes

I’m having trouble with my homepage using Illdy. I want to add a Slider to the homepage. I tried 2 different slider plugin, same problem. Shortcodes, wether inserted in the body of the homepage or in a widget (for example in the “About” section) are not executed. See www.happydayclean.com

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For the beginning, you should try adding the slider shortcodes into a text editor widget, it might do the trick.

As far as I can tell, you are not executing right those shortcodes therefore they display the text but no code.

Let me know if the text widget did the trick or we need to follow the path.

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Hi. Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately it is already in a text editor widget. As I said, i installed 2 different slider plugins and same result. I tried adding the shortcodes to: text editor widget, post_content of the homepage, and the theme’s custom widgets and they never work on the homepage. They do however work on the other pages. oO I don’t have a clue why that would happen.


Can you please get this issue with temporary admin dashboard access to [email protected] or directly via a private message here so I can have a live investigation of what might be going on?

Thank you!

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I am facing the same issue on the homepage while editing the associated “static page”. I tested the same shortcodes (column & image-effect) on a test page and it worked. Any idea on how to fix this?


Hi @thomz,

Please post a new thread with your request because we want to keep the forum easy to follow.