Homepage meta data issues

Using your theme on Shopify and have big issue with homepage meta data, and where its being pulled from.

Homepage meta description is being pulled from a location that is not right.

I have put my information in the section " Homepage meta description " , it has been over 8 months and the information is not correct on google, after multiple google crawls.

It has been suggested that this theme is pulling the data from another location.

If you can please assist.


Hi Shimon

May I see it? please provide link to your website and screenshot of how it appears in Google

Thank you. Top image is website . Bottom image is how it appears.

Hi bump for help. Checking in for any updates here

Hi there

Try some third party Seo plugin to override such problems: Plug In SEO - Optimize SEO. Fix Broken Links. Add JSON-LD Schema & Alt... | Shopify App Store