Homepage photo not responding to mobile/tablet

When I resize the screen to mobile or tablet size, the main photo on the homepage isn’t sizing down to fit whatever device it is being viewed on. Does anyone know how to change this?
I have attached a screenshot of how it looks on a laptop screen and how it looks on a mobile size screen. You can see the image not changing size.



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Please check this screenshot, it’s like this for me

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Sorry, I actually reduced the size of the photo temporarily so that it will fit on a mobile screen. That is an example of how I want it to look on a mobile but I need that image to stretch the width of the screen on all devices.

When you look at the website now on a laptop or PC, you will see a lot of white space to the right and left of the image.

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I checked the website on an android phone and it appeared correctly, the image was sized to fit the screen width.

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I changed the photo back to the one I want to use for the site. You will see that it doesn’t size down for different devices.

davidboyle34 this is parallax image, this image can not be used as a background image, we cant setup this image like the background image because it its always stretched sitewide, we cant do this with css :frowning: