Homepage photo stopped displaying

My homepage photo stopped displaying, it shows plain white. About and contact info are visible.
I can see the homepage photo while I’m logged into WP, but once i log out and clear cache it is gone and shows white.
However, if you hit ctrl+a it shows that the title (climbing and adventure) and bottom 2 link text (read more) are present just not visible. You can find a screenshot in the attachment.
I believe this happened after I run update on Shapely Hope you can help.

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

When exactly did you start having this issue? Did you update recently?

Please try the following steps.

  • Disable all plugins
  • Reload the image
  • Clear browser cache.

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I also updates some plugins, now it works. thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I am glad the update worked for you.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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