Homepage showing old version on mobile only

My homepage on mobile is showing an old version without nav menu updates or Site Title font changes in CSS. I have cleared cache on browser and server side on bluehost. I have tested in multiple browsers on iphone and on different devices. Same problem. Other pages other than static homepage seem to be current version. If I switch to desktop view on mobile, the homepage is OK. It seems to be that the mobile template is picking up a previous homepage? How can fix this? Thanks, Bill

Hey there

Sound like you are using a plugin for a mobile theme? if im not working its a JetPack? if this is not the case please provide link to the page and I will check it

Hi Noda,

Thanks for checking into this. The url is www.alexmanfullwineproject.org . I am not using a plugin for mobile theme or for cache. I am using JetPak but not for caching. I disabled JetPak and it did not change. Another clue is that the Nav hamburger is not working on mobile or desktop view on mobile. The problem is only on static homepage not other pages.

I can send screenshots to show problem and additional CSS. Thanks, Bill

Update: I got the hamburger menu to work. Still trying to solve problem with mobile homepage not working.

Hey there

Well, I see your site is appearing for mobile sites normally, can you please tell me what do you mean by its not working?

The homepage on mobile view is showing old version of the page. To see the difference, toggle between desktop view and mobile view in the phone browser. You will see the site title font has changed and menu items on nav bar are different. If you pick any other page (other than homepage) in mobile view, you will see that they are working fine.

Uploading two screenshots. Same homepage URL but one is mobile view and the other is desktop view.

hey there

The problem your modification, as I can see you are loading different font manually:

font-family:“Blend Script”;

and this font is not loaded for mobile devices, there is no other problem on the site layout, review your code and make sure it works for all devices

p.s. from what I see you are not loading .eot and .ttf fonts, this might cause such problems

Hi Noda,

I tried removing all Additional CSS including the loading of custom fonts and I have the same problem. I then checked adding new widgets to home page and new menu items and the changes had no impact on the homepage in mobile version. I cleared all caches at the server level and browser level and no change. It seems like there is a cache version for the mobile homepage that is frozen. I even changed the homepage from static to show latest posts and it had no impact on homepage on mobile.

Every other page except mobile homepage shows changes on refresh. Desktop view shows all changes including homepage. I am stuck as homepage on mobile is showing an incorrect navigation menu items so important pages are not visible in nav bar.

All other thoughts?

Hi Noda,

It looks like it is a freaky cache problem. Using a URL that removes all caching eliminated the problem. We now need to find out where is the cache a problem. Thanks for your help.


Its not a caching problem, its problem with the CSS code added, when you remove it you will not have any problem not on mobile not on desktop devices, because the font will be not loaded at all :slight_smile:
If you are using caching from the server please disable it