Homepage slider not show

i have 4 posts under category “Uncategorized”. Each post set with featured image.

under theme options, i have also checked the checkbox to enable slider.

however, when i preview my homepage, no slider is shown. can you please advise what are the steps i have missed out in order to display slider on my homepage?

Two things that comes in my mind:

  1. have you also selected “Uncategorized” in Theme Options once you have enabled slider?
  2. Are you sure that use featured images properly. Here is instruction on how to use them.

If you have done all these things and haven’t modified theme core files, please post your website URL and I will have a look.


Pls advise. Thanks.

Slider is not enabled (checkbox is not selected in Theme Options) as no files related to slider is printed in your website source. If that would be JavaScript error, then there would still be HTML and CSS. Right now it appears completely disabled.

If you are certain that slider is enabled in Theme Options, then try to reinstall this theme as some files might be lost during installation.

Thanks. it works for me now.

i guess it might due to the permission problem. anything i changed was not updated/ reflected.

after i performed chmod in all related folder, i am able to display the slider.

thanks. :slight_smile: