Homepage slider with non-post featured pictures using activello_featured_slider

Hi there,

I am using your Activello theme which iI find perfect for my blog project! Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

However, like many of us, I would like to use the activello slider with defined pictures which are not related to my blog posts (for my home page, with call-to-action buttons linked to other pages of my blog). I know that I could use another plugin to do it but I really like your slider and I would like to use it (plus, it’s hard to find a free slider with those functionnalities…)
Like mentionned here I’ve tried to replace the activello_featured_slider in header.php with the provided html code but nothing appears on my page when I do so (I have verified that my picture addresses are correct).
Therefore i would like to know: is there an issue with the html code provided? Once solved, will I get the same slider as the activello one (with call-to-action buttons “Read more”? Otherwise, where can I access the function activello_featured_slider() and modify it?

Thank you for your support.

Hi @perlimpimpin,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You are using Activello theme and the code provided in the following topic is for Dazzling theme so don’t use that code.


To achieve that you can use pages in the slider instead of posts by using the custom child theme solution shared in the following topic.


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