Homepage Widget missing after update

on my page;

the homepage widget is suddenly missing (I think after updating Wordpress to 4.7.4

Now the website is malformed, how to get this back?

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Please disable any third party plugins that you have active as one of them may be causing a conflict here.
Also, please go to Appearance > Widgets and check to see if the widgets have been removed or edited.

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Hi, thanks for your quick answer.

I disabled all plugins, enabled only Shapely Companion and Jetpack, but still the same problems.

Strange thing is when I go to Appearance -> Widgets, I can see the Homepage ‘Box’ with the shapely widgets.
However when I customize the size, and go to Widgets, I do not see ‘Homepage’
Please find attached screenshots.

Hello there,

Thanks for providing that information.

I have been trying to re create the issue but no luck.

What version of PHP are you using? Ideally, you would want to use version 5.6 or 7.0.

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