Homepage Widgets Not Functioning

I am building a new site. www.lagregorphotostore.com

I set up the Shapely theme according to the instructions. When I go to Appearance → Widgets…all the Shapely widgets appear as options and appear to be preloaded to the Homepage as expected for the demo, but when I go to customize, there is no “Homepage” menu option and none of the features appear on my site.

I fixed the problem. I had the wrong template selected.

I’ve a similar problem,
installed and activated Shapely, but cannot add any other “third part” widget.

This is strange, because in this support video, on the first seconds, other widgets appears in the menu:

Hope it’s because I’m missing something, if someone can help about it that will be wonderful.
Sorry for my “English”, hope is understandable :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot

This is what worked for me:

All I had to do was go to the page editor in the dashboard and change the page template to “home”

Then all the homepage widgets were available to use.

Hi @cadelium,

Please follow @lagregorphoto instructions.