I would like to have the homepage on my site being an overview of pictures of what I make, not my blogposts. Is it possible to change this? So that when people press home they will see pictures and that i make an extra page with blog?

Yes, you can do that. Select static page for home page via Setting - Reading - A static page (select below) - Front page.

From there you can create a blog page using one of three blog templates. These are very basic things and all are discussed in Theme documentation: Travelify Theme Instructions - Colorlib

If this doesn’t help, please let me know where did you get stuck and I will help you from there.

Hi Aigars,

Thank you so much for your answers and I’m sorry to ask you questions like this all the time. I’ll start with reading the documentation :slight_smile:

Hi again,

I have managed the change in homepage now. I’m not sure how to exactly discribe what I would like to do, so here is a link to a site that has something like I would want to make: http://www.freshstitches.com/
My idea is that my homepage has a slider like this, but not only blogposts, I would like to have an overview of pictures here. For example 20 pictures that slide. Is that possible? And is it possible to make buttons like on the site of freshstitches?

This is content slider which means that it is based on Pages/Potts. You can add as much slides as you want to display in the slider but you will have to create a separate page for each slider image.

Arrows are not available for this theme and requires some heavy modification to be added which is out of scope of free support. However, you might want to look into other my themes that has slider with arrowrs:

https://colorlib.com/unite/ - colors can be changed via simple web interface and slider can be used without Posts/Pages attached to it.

https://colorlib.com/dazzling/ - full screen slider with arrows and images to slider are added based on post categories but it can be tweaked.

Hi again!

Thank you so much for your quick responses!!! I’ll look in to it :slight_smile: