Hook to extend AdminLTE sidebar search


I would like to add an external data source to sidebar search that when the menu is searching then the external data is searched as well and the results are displayed together with the menu search items. Beacuse some part of methods in SidebarSearch.js is private, they can’t be used directly.

I have a question if there could be possible to add a hook to search method to enable using it to search with external data source?

Thank you in advance for considering this idea.

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Hey there

Well, anything is possible but such modification will definitely require customization of the template for sure, you need to find an appropriate person who can make such modification


Hello colorlibsupport,

Thank you for your response.

If I prepare this change, would it be possible to add it to the Admin LTE? Would you be interested this type of contribution? If yes, then do you have any requirements for this new function?

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Hi there

Sorry but I think this is not possible at this point, it’s better if you find a freelancer for such a projects