Hoping someone can help with a small problem I am having.

Hi all…

I am creating a job board using Sparkling (great theme…) and WPJobBoard.

Basically, I have made it so when browsers visit the site they will see a static page. Originally, it was pre-set so the ‘recent posts’ were on the main page of the site. I created a new page called HOME and another called BLOG. I went to front page display in the reader settings of WP and changed the front page to HOME and the recent posts to BLOG.

So I updated everything and was hoping for a blank canvas to work on. Unfortunately for me the HOME page how has a calendar, search box, and a menu (site admin, log out, entrees, comments RSS) and follow us on social media.

How can I get rid of these so I simply have a blank white page to work from??

The site is: www.nannysquare.com

I would appreciate any assistance. I am a wordpress noob so don’t be too harsh :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

These are homepage widgets that you have added via Appearance - Widgets - “Homepage Widget 1” and “Homepage Widget 2”. These widget areas has no widgets by default which means that you have added them there yourself. Remove them and you are ready to go.

Thank you very much for your help!

So simple, but I have learned something new!

All the best!