Hover over color won't disappear

To make this as easy as possible, please go to jordanbarta.com and hover over “#AskGaryVee
You’ll see two drop downs. One is yellow (which I want gone) and one in white… Can someone help advice me in how to do this?
Image is attached as well if you don’t want to go to the site. thanks!

Go to Appearance and then to “Menu”. In the Menu look at the item AskGaryVee, do you have anything in the “Title Attribute” field? If so, remove it and see if the yellow goes away.

Hi @texbiker,

I hope you are well today and thanks for helping out here in this forum.

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Thanks for the message. I don’t have anything in the ‘title attribute’ field.

It is displaying because of the following plugin you are using on your site.

So to remove it check whether the plugin provides any option to remove it from specific menu item or disable the plugin.

THANK YOU!!! It worked. Fantastic.
Thank you so much!

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: