HOW can i add options in my HELP page

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I would like to add options boxes in my help page , so in my help page , it should give me options in as boxes with the option written in the box.

So, if someone clicks on the option 1 box on the help page, it leads them to the help subpage option 1.

please help

what plugin or widget etc. do I need?

for example, my help subpage has option “Glove Care”, so I want this option to show in the HELP page itself in a form of box.

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please see attached image, so kind of this box, where i click on the page, it goes to other page

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Nice work adding the button, did you add those buttons with a third party plugin?
If so there should be an option to add a link to your help page.

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Hello , I still need to add these kind of buttons, this is not mine example.

I would like it to be like that, could you advise of any plugins/widgets I need to get this sort of button done.

It doesn’t have to the same look, just an example to show, that I want buttons.

please help