How can I automatically enlarge a small image and crop to set aspect ratio?

I want to display all my thumbnails as 800x200 pixel images, regardless of their original size. The tutorials I’ve found suggest controlling image size via soft or hard cropping.

HOWEVER, the problem with soft cropping is that if the original image has a different aspect ratio, I’ll end up with blank spaces at the margins. Problem with hard cropping is that it won’t automatically enlarge a small image to completely fill the 800x200 space.

Essentially, I want large images trimmed down to 800x200; and small images enlarged (proportionally) then trim the excess to yield an 800x200 image. Is there an easy way to do this?


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I don’t find the easier way to achieve this but the following solutions may help you to achieve this.

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From the information, it looks like the workaround to my issue is to only upload large images - this way, it ensures they are never too small to fill the container, and (if too large) can be cropped. This solution works fine for me.


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