How Can I Change the Color of These Sidebar Links??


How can I change the color of the links in my Recent Posts sidebar?

I attach a screenshot here.

Currently, they are light grey, which I don’t like at all, as it makes them almost invisible.

If there’s no easy solution, I don’t mind advanced answers.

Thanks a lot!!

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please provide url and i will take a look

Just sent you an email including the url. Thanks!

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Which email you used for it?
Please share your url here, because other operators will see it too, and you can use private reply and only for support operators will be message visible,

Right click with a decent browser like chrome or firefox, then inspect the element, and (especially in firefox) you can copy the “selector”

Once you have the right selector to target, go into the theme customizer, at the bottom, you will see additional CSS, the hack the following code.

.TheSelectorName {
color: yourChosenColor ;
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The selectors are as follows
“widget ul li” and "widget ul li a

So, your code should look like this if you want to make it a darker gray.

.widget ul li{
.widget ul li a{
Without the important, my style got over-ruled for some reason, but it worked with the !important in there.

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Thanks so much everyone. That worked just fine Vince.

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