How can I install anchor links

Hi - sorry if I repeated an already asked question. But the answers I read did not help me.
I would like to install anchor links. The first step is easy, but I don’t know how to put the link behind the word, which is the title of a section below, where the anchor should go. Until now I’m not able to work with CSS or HTML. If I should do so, is there a simple user-guide for starters?
Thank you for help!

Hi @Angelika

Please check this documentation : Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib and chapoter 10 menu setup


Thank you, but it doesn’t work. In the meanwhile I asked a Wordpress Profi on fiverr, but she said, there’s a fault in the shapely-system, because it’s not possible to set the anchor link correctly. Who could help me? Do I have to use another theme? But it’s a pity, because I like shapely.

Hi Angelika

May i see your website? please provide url and let me see the problem

Hi, thank you, yes, of course:
the url is: https://urlaubfü
I tried to install an anchor link for example from the Button “Meditatives Malen” to “Seelenbilder”. I added the word Seelenbilder after the hach symbol.
Then I went to “Seelenbilder”, where the Anchor should go, tried to change to the source code (to adapt the code to <h2 id="anchor1″>Heading anchor link), but I did not find the possibility to change to the source code of the heading. It was only possible to change to the source code of the text below. But I think the visitor of the page needs to see the heading.
Also I did not find a possibility to set the anchor from the menu-words to the headings below. Do I need a plugin?
Thanks for your answer,


Angelika, right now menu element Meditatives Malen is not using the proper method, this is the link used in the menu: Urlaub für die Seele – Meditatives Malen in Dießen which is not correct, you need something like this: Urlaub für die Seele – Meditatives Malen in Dießen
Please follow the documentaiton