How can i put a text label on an image widget project in the illdy wp theme??

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I have this website project (, and i need to put a label with text in the “proyectos” item, this wp website was made with the illdy theme, and for the “proyectos” item i´m using the widget “project”, which it comes with the illdy theme. How can I put the label that I need??

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If I understand correctly, you would like to add a title to the “Proyectos” section on your homepage similar to the title used in the “Projects” section of the theme demo. In order to add the title simply go to Appearance > Customize> FrontPage Sections > Project Sections > Entry and add the title there.

Please update me on the results.

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Hi guys, thanks for the answer but what I need is something else:

When the user put the mouse point on one of the images from the “proyectos” section, it will appear a “label with text / description”

Now there´s a caption or label on the images when you put the mouser over there, but I don´t know how to add text on that caption,

Thanks for all your help!!!

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of adding text over that element, however, you may add this as a feature request at the link below:

Once our developer sees it as plausible, he’ll do his best to make this feature a reality in the theme.

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