How do I add a full width header image to each page below the navbar?


I would like to add a full width header image to each page, so that it displays just like the one on the homepage which uses the flexslider. I would like the image to appear below the navbar (replicating the effect of the flexslider on the homepage but with just a single image).

I have tried the plugins suggested here:

One of these plugins restricts the header image to just 300px width and place it above the navbar (i would like it below the navbar), one is 2 years out of date and none appear to display the image full width.

I found this post but the answer is dated and i wonder if there isn’t a simpler solution:

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Many thanks

Hi @daniish,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To achieve this you have to develop custom code in the child theme of sparkling theme.

Developing custom code for custom functionality is beyond the scope of support that we provide here.

If you are not a developer then you can consider hiring a developer to develop it for you. You can hire a developer from any freelance site. Colorlib recommends the developer

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