How do I add a menu icon to a custom link menu item?

On our website,, that was created by a previous member of staff, there a number of ‘custom link’ menu items on the drop menus for ‘Outdoor’ and ‘Internal’, that point to individual PDF downloads. Only one of these menu items has an icon against it and I want to add that same icon to the others but I cannot find where they are stored / linked. I’ve checked under appearance / menus, Shapely customise and media but no luck.

The icon file is stored at:

Any help would be much appreciated


Hi John

Our menu by default does not have a options for icons, so, most probably it was done manually or by third party plugin, please check it, if it was added by plugin you will find that plugin in the plugins list, otherwise it was manually added


I’m guessing it must be coded in the CSS then.


No, it’s not only the css, the layout is also changed so, most probably you are using a customized version of the theme