How do I administrate the site?!?!?

I downloaded Onetech (absolutely beautiful design, although I hate the color blue) and I can’t find any way to administrate the site all I get is default products and links that go nowhere. Is this just a front-end skin? How do I get to the back end

Okay I think I figured it out this template is apparently some basic in formation that I have to add hole punch to add to something else something like that the others are apparently WordPress templates which does me no good cuz I already have my own site

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So, i guess your question is resolved?

Yes and no, i realize now that the Onetech template was only one component of a system, but im still not sure if it only works with wordpress. But also yes, because i already have a domain and an ecommerce system (oscommerce) so i do not need wordpress.

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That is a template so it would not work with WordPress but we have themes available for you to use with WordPress here:

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