how do I change the font weight, size and position on the parallax widget

Hi there OK,
So I’m using Shapely.

I’m also using easy google font, but I want to change just the font weight and size of the text in the mid section and on the about page. How do I do that. Can you please send me the code with clear instructions where I need to add it.

Also can you tell me how to remove the white menu bar so it is transparent or to make it only appear when scrolling.

Lastly. How do I keep the name of my site in site info without having it displayed on the home page?

Thank you!


  1. The site is in coming soon mode I can’t able to see that, so if you turn that off, I can provide you a Custom CSS to change the font weight.

  2. Unfortunately, Both are not possible at the moment,

  3. Which area? Can you point us exactly where, using a screenshot, so that we can help you with it.

Let us know,


Hi, Laranz,
Thanks for getting back to me
My site is currently live and not in coming soon mode? Not sure why you would be seeing that. I’ve been trying to fix this for days. Please can you respond ASAP. Thank you.

hey there

  1. font - no CSS is needed for this, simple use WordPress text editor, select your text and make it bold
  2. this question still needs some light, please tell use little bit more

Hi, Noda,
Yes it does need code, there is no way to adjust the content on the parallax on the FRONT PAGE. I am not talking about the ‘about’ page. Please scroll down on the front page and view the image attachmed Thanks


Ok, sorry :frowning:

in this case, i can suggest something different, use this method in the text:

Through our Accelerated Learn-to-Swim program™ we’re on a mission to teach more adults how to swim. — <span style="font-weight:bold;">so everyone can enjoy swimming’s amazing health benefits.</span>

I don’t know what this means? Can u give me some instructions - what am I supposed to do with this???

It’s OK now I fixed it.
Can you please tell me how to get the video background on the front page to play on iphone? Right now it is not working on IOS devices.