How do I fix the navigation menu?

Thank you @laranz for the help with my previous logo size issue. The method yo provided me worked however now I’m having issues with the nav menu. First of all it’s not really lined up with the logo on computer view and secondly the menu on mobile view is completely messed up. Is there any way to fix this?

I’ll be super grateful for any help.

any help is appreciated and also if I need to provide more info please let me know.

I managed to fix the menu not displaying correctly however, now I’m having issues with the extra white space. Whenever I’m in tablet or mobile view there is a large white section there. When I open the hamburger menu the menu contents fill the white space but when I close it the white space remains.

Please check it out on mobile view here:

I have also problem with navigation menu, when on small screen, the menu does not load even when I click on the bars icon. I can see the

  • s in the source code, but the menu is invisible. The link is - but it is private now, I can send you admin password if needed. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Can you share the WP Login details for the private website along with the screenshot of the issue? So, that I can help you.

    Let us know,


    Hey thanks for the reply what do you mean by wp login details? Like me user and password for my account that I use on my website? And the images that I attached to this comment shows my issue of the white space under logo and before the actual page.


    After login you will see the homepage.

    Just resize the screen. Responsive menu does not work. Thank you


    Answered here: can you continue the issue in that thread?

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