How do I remove social icons area above header?

Thank you for the Travelify theme.

  1. I have created a custom header and would like to remove the space above the header. I did a few of the CSS tweaks recommended for removing other space and that worked, but now have this last bit.

  1. I tried to find where I can edit the PHP code or an alternate (new?) file to make the header always linked to home. I couldn’t seem to find line or files referred to in several topics about this on this forum.

Thank you,

  1. You can remove social icons section right above Custom header image by adding this code to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.
.hgroup-wrap {
  display: none;

That will eliminate that white space on top that you have now.

  1. That file is called header-extensions.php and you can access this file via FTP or via your hosting control panel and NOT directly via WordPress dashboard. This file can be found in travelify folder >> library >> structure. Here you can find more about what changes you should make.

Let me know if this helps.