how do i swap themes?

I love your PHOTON html5 template. Crisp, simple, clean and now up and running driving my site:

The template contained a pretty standard theme (white bg) and I want to switch it to a dark theme:

% ls -l scss
[email protected]  1 jkuefler  staff   3698 Dec  6 20:57 _site-base.scss
[email protected]  1 jkuefler  staff  13127 Dec  6 23:37 _site-blocks.scss
[email protected]  1 jkuefler  staff   6215 Dec  6 17:57 _site-navbar.scss
[email protected] 43 jkuefler  staff   1376 Aug 30  2018 bootstrap/
[email protected]  1 jkuefler  staff    194 Sep 17  2018 style.scss

I figure this is just a download. Worst case, I will edit the *.scss files and then run “sass” but I don’t know the exact sass command and you probably already have darker themes standing by.

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You have to restyle theme by CSS, there is no built-in dark version of the theme,

Colorlib Support Team