How do you make the background picture a video?

I have uploaded a video that I am wanting to use as my background for the site that I am building. It is a simple video of a 3d image that I have downloaded from dreamstime. When I upload the video into the background image area it shows to it has successfully downloaded yet when you go to the background of the website it remains white. Is there a way to upload the 3D video?

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What is the format of the vide? can you show me it?
by default theme supports default web standard videos like mp4 and if you have different format video then you it may not work

Colorlib Support Team

Attached is the demo of the video that i am trying to upload to see if my client likes it or not.


This is a normal video, it should work normally, can I see the actual page with the problem?

The staging site URL for this site is
Is there any way to get a faster response time? I am doing this for a client and need to know if this will work or if I need to move to another theme that will let the video work.


Usually, we answer 2 times in a day
Looks like you are not using one of our themes right now, or this is a wrong url ?

I have been getting responses at once a day and not two.
It is the correct URL but I switched the themes because of yalls response time. Yall have lost my companies business. I am sure I am not the only one who has these frustrations with your company and hopefully yall will change.

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I agree, you did receive one in one day and this is a rare case, if you check other topics you will see im always replying at least 2 times in a day, sorry about that
The regarding the problem, if you allow me I can fix it, basically, we can give you guarantee that anything that is showcased on the demo will work for you, for extra features I can give you suggestion or recommendation for third party plugin

I am trying one other thing and if it does not work I will come back and give you one more shot.

You are welcome :slight_smile: we always try our best, just let me know if you have any question :wink: