How i can add a new social icon?

Hello. I’m beautifying my site with Travelify, but i have discovered that the social icons dont include Deviantart. I have tried to add an icon for this site, but i dont have suceeded on this.
I have created a child theme (to not mess with the original theme) and i have copied into the child theme folder the files library/panel/theme-options.php, library/panel/themeoptions-default.php and library/structure/header-extension, adding a social_deviantart element to the options array, but it seems that my changes are useless

do anyone have a solution for this?

This theme uses:

And you can easily add any icon from their library inside theme. It is is a very easy task as long as there is a icon for that.

Unfortunately, Deviantart is not on that lists and you will have to change the entire font icons to fontawesome or other that has this icons but it might take some time to implement. This is definitely out of scope of free support.

Checked forntawesome library but they don’t have this icon available but there are plenty of other font based icon libraries available.

Thanks for your hints.

I have succeded to add a deviantart icon visiting icomoon and creating a small font library with only the deviantart icon in it.
After this i have added a new font-family into the css and a new css subclass “deviantart” for the class “social-icons” that use the new font family. Finally i have added a “social_deviantart” option into theme-options.php,and header-extension.php.

It’s a bit convoluted but get the work done!

thanks again for your help