How i can edit my sidebar menu?

This is my site’s mainpage:

My sidebar’s menu:

And i want to edit it look like this:

And if i click “Palvelut”, it should look like this:

aaand… if i click “Hallinto ja taloustoimisto” after “Palvelut”, it should look like this:

Is that all possible to do? Sry my bad english, hope u got it ^^

Many thanks if somebody can help me!

Sry I forgot one thing :frowning:
Topmenu should be same as sidebar’s menu, but topmenu should not show field of choices.

Hi @donkeymonkey,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I am not sure what the sidebar menu on your site is displaying. Whether it is displaying post categories or posts.

If it is categories then you can try achieving this by using the following plugins.

Best Regards,