How is your License working?


I just bought a (single) license for a template in your shop. I have now received an email in which an incoming payment has appeared for you. But where can I see which template can I use? How can I prove (if needed at some time) that I have purchased exactly the license for this template?

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Tom thank you for purchase
All the answers to your question can be found here: Licence - Colorlib
Please note, by purchasing license you re not purchasing Pro version of the theme or templates, it’s just a right to remove the credit from the template, everything else is the same


Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately, my question is not answered on this page. If I use 5 different templates from your page, how can I assign the single licenses to the respective templates?

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Tom, thank you for question

One license is only for one template if you want to use 5 of our templates you have to buy 5 licenses, or you may buy all the licenses and you can use all of our templates :slight_smile: