How the modify index.php post title?

How the modify the index.php post title to more top\left\right
i think is “.entry-title, .entry-title a {}” but it still can’t move to top\left\right
and sorry for my explain not clearly

waiting your reply.

I already found and resolve it ,is .post-inner-content {}

i have another question ,

Can i just take the Post title from database only(single.php) ? don’t want the Summary detail\date time .


Hi there,

if you want to remove those items on the main post page from the following file:

sparkling \ template-parts \ content-single.php

That is the file responsible for showing the main post page.
You can remove the entry-meta div to remove the dates i.e. line 17

The content is shown on line 47

Hope you can work it from there.

Very Sorry
It is Index.php page content , not a single.php
please advise the remove index.php content solution .

Many Thanks

And the .post-inner-content{padding: 10px 10px;}
can just effect on index.php? don’t want effect on single.php.

Many Thanks

Hi there,

Okay, index.php is also similar to the solution we gave you for the single.php with and the files you want to look at are the ones in:

sparkling \ template-parts \

There are several ones and they match the post formats that are available.
They are used in index.php line 35.

You will need to edit all of them except the one for single.php file i.e. sparkling \ template-parts \ content-single.php to avoid changed the single post page.

Alternatively you can create your own subdirectory in that one and create a template file from the once that are there and make the template look the way you want. Then use that template-parts files in line 35

We recommend this second option as those same template files are in use by the archive.php file and will also affect the look of the posts on the category pages.

Hope you can work it from there.

All work done!!
the post-inner-content{padding: 10px 10px;} i create new css replace this.
Thank you very much !!! help a lot !!

Hey there,

Awesome! You’re most welcome. Glad I could help, I’m going to close this ticket then. Feel free to reach out us if you need any further assistance.

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