How to activate sidebar in sparkling when the slider for all pages is activate ?

Hi movin

This is my site :

I have used some functions for making slider activate on all pages with this thread :

Now the problem is when ever i am activating sidebar and i have set the default template to left sidebar or right side bar. Its not showing anything. It only shows full width pages. Can you please help me out to get rid of it. I need sliders on all pages as well i want to take control of activating or deactivating sidebars according to my page requirements.

Please help.

Thanks in advance
Shivam Sharma

Hi Shivam Sharma,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can achieve this by using the attached child theme of Sparkling theme that contains some custom code.

If you want to disable the slider on any page then create a custom field “disable_slider” in that page having value 1 as shown in the attached screenshot.

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