How to add custom code to Travelify?

Hello to everybody! I want to add custom code, generated to connect a third-party social networking buttons. This buttons must be only on posts and pages (except Homepage), sticked by the left side How and where i can paste this code?

(function(w,doc) {
if (!w.__utlWdgt ) {
w.__utlWdgt = true;
var d = doc, s = d.createElement('script'), g = 'getElementsByTagName';
s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.charset='UTF-8'; s.async = true;
s.src = ('https:' == w.location.protocol ? 'https' : 'http') + '://';
var h=d[g]('body')[0];

Sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance for it so we can help you?


I would like to know this also. I want to add some Javascript to the header.php but can’t find where I can add it now?

Many thanks

@leighc10 You can use this wp_head hook to add it or use the below solutions to achieve this.