How to add custom text to footer in Travelify WordPress theme?

Oh I want to add “Site Developed by…. in the footer but the custom footer area seems to be only for scripts?? Where would I add that? For some reason in footer.php I don’t see it. Thanks

Copyright related information you can find on footer-extensions.php located in theme folder → library → structure.

Do we have to edit footer-extensions.php in order to modify the footer text? I’m creating a child theme specifically so that I don’t have to edit the parent theme’s core files. I’d prefer not to modify Travelify’s footer-extensions.php file.

I’ve tried to override the theme’s travelify_footer_info() in my own theme’s functions.php (by following the instructions in WP’s Codex but I get an error message indicating that I can’t re-declare the function in footer-extensions.php

Is there another way of doing this?

You are on the right track!

Here is an example how to overwrite copyright information from footer-extensions.php using functions.php from Child THeme.

Based on this you can modify any theme function. Additionally you might want to look into this great tutorial.

Sweet! It works!

Have created a child theme functions.php and pasted your example above into it, and it’s not worked. I now get the contents of that at the top of the theme?