How to add FontAwesome 4.2 Support

First of all, let me say that I really love the Sparklig theme and have had a great time working with it so far! I’m currently working on a static page that uses several FontAwesome images for marketing purposes. Unfortunately Sparkling theme only supports FontAwesome 4.1 at this point. I manually updated the css and fonts to 4.2, but unfortunately there is also a link to a cdn after that which overwrites the files:

<link id=“font-awesome-css” media=“all” type=“text/css” href="//" rel=“stylesheet”>

I’m new to wordpress, that’s why I couldn’t find the file that is responsible for loading the cdn version. Could you please tell me how I can either update the version of the cdn link or remove it altogether? Thanks a lot!

You can download the latest theme version from Github:

It already features Font Awesome 4.2 and Bootstrap 3.3.0 which was released few hours ago. It will take up to several days before this version will be available via automated update.

Thanks a lot, it worked! I also found the plugin that was loading the old version of Font Awesome via cdn and disabled it. Now everything works fine!