how to add fonts to theme options

can i add new fonts in theme options>typography?
i want to add some new fonts and delete the default font
sorry for bad english!!

Hi Mhma,

The “Open Sans” font from Google Font library has been provided in Theme Options> Typography. All other options are “Web Safe” fonts which are proven to work. We did not include a lot of font sets because using a lot of different Google Fonts set slow down the performance of website.

If you want to use anyone of all the Google Fonts available in Google Fonts Library, you might want to try a plug-in.

One easy to use plug-in is “WP Google Fonts” by Adrian Hanft and Aaron Brown. It’s interface is quite simple and easy to use. Once you install the font and activate it, it lets you choose different fonts for different elements.

You can choose custom font sets for:

All (body tags)
Headline 1 (h1 tags)
Headline 2 (h2 tags)
Headline 3 (h3 tags)
Headline 4 (h4 tags)
Headline 5 (h5 tags)
Headline 6 (h6 tags)
Paragraphs (p tags)
Lists (li tags)

You have the option to choose the font weight as well (Bold/ Normal/ Italics etc.).

Hope this helps, let us know if you require any further assistance.

thank you but i want to add new font and manage theme from options
i can change all font
i dont want to use plugin or change font from css file
please help me :frowning:


Then you are up for some serious modification to this theme. We use Options Framework for Theme Options and here is a detailed tutorials how to load other Google Fonts via Theme Options .

A much easier solution would be to just load different font by changing it directly inside functions.php. Here is how it is defined right now:

 // Add Google Fonts
  wp_register_style( 'sparkling-fonts', '//,400,600,700|Roboto+Slab:400,300,700');

This can be also done via Child Theme functions.php You will also have to replace fonts everywhere style.css where Open Sans value appears.

Even easier solution would be to use plugin suggested by Amit or some other Google Fonts plugin. There are plenty of great alternatives available on:

thank you very much

Hi @Amit Panishap

Just a note to let you know that " “WP Google Fonts” by Adrian Hanft and Aaron Brown" is no longer findable via plugins search on wordpress - latest version.

Hey there

@oitconz here is it:

Also there is other great font plugins as well like official font plugin
Font – official webfonts plugin of Fonts For Web. NO CODING! Just click & change font size, color and font face visually! – WordPress plugin | :wink: